Meet the cast!


George Crezee, Jo Dellaripa, and Ky Sisson

The Cast of Aging & Awesome!


Jo Dellaripa

 Jo is a spunky and vivacious 86 year-old is out to inspire the world with her positive attitude and creative ways to stay healthy and happy. She truly is "Aging and Awesome"! 


Ky Sisson

 Ky is a community involved and enthusiastic local TV personality in Reno, Nevada. He tells stories through people-centered writing and interactive television. Ky is known for his unique and affectionate presentation of stories because of his genuine passion for storytelling.  


George Crezee

Consider It Done Media

George Crezee

George is 69 years young and has a lifelong passion for living an active lifestyle. 10 years ago he was inspired to create a motivational website encouraging the “masses to get off their asses”. 

“Aging & Awesome” spotlights the many issues facing our aging population and is a perfect fit to help further George’s encouraging message.


Erin Breen

Consider It Done Media

George Crezee

Erin Breen graced the air waves of northern Nevada for around 30 years telling thousand of stories both on television and in the Reno Gazette Journal.

She recently returned from a couple of years living in Ireland where she received a Master’s Degree and launched a Podcast telling the unique stories of the Irish people.


Consider It Done Media

Consider It Done Media

Consider It Done Media

Consider It Done Media is known for producing some of the best TV commercials, corporate videos and TV shows in Nevada. 

The team at Consider It Done Media, Laura, Bryan, John, and Thomas, are committed to making "Aging & Awesome" flawless each week with an unmistakable look and unforgettable experience for the thousands of viewers who tune in!